25 Rock Themed Pumpkins for Halloween

Photo: Imgur

Each fall we celebrate the pumpkin by making everything pumpkin spice flavored, but it's in October when the pumpkin is truly hailed. As Halloween approaches, people all over the country carve the orange gourd into everything from the typical jack-o-lantern to other spooky designs to portraits of famous folks. Then there are the music lovers who use their pumpkins to pay tribute to their favorite artists. We scoured the internet for those pumpkins and found the best ones. Here are 25 pumpkins that pay tribute to some of the biggest and best rockers out there:

1. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

6. Slash

12. Slayer

16. Rush

19. AC/DC

25. Bono

If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, there are lots of rock-themed stencils online to help you have the best pumpkin on your block. Hope your Halloween rocks!

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