'Fake Doctors' Dives Into 'Scrubs' Season 5: 'It Gets Wacky'

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On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison are diving into season five of Scrubs: “This is where I guess it gets really wacky all of a sudden,” Donald says. Zach thinks Carla would be much angrier at Turk for secretly dosing her with birth control pills. They both laugh about Zach fitting into a small backpack and then gnawing his way out, but can’t believe it wasn’t a fantasy sequence. Plus, they talk about their amazing trip to Disneyland with their producers Joelle and Danl, and then Travis from Dallas calls in to ask them about their favorite scenes they’ve ever done in their careers and how to maintain friendships after having kids.

They laugh about the wacky gags in the Scrubs episode, including the mysterious “Keith” behind the camera (who probably just wasn’t cast yet at this point, Zach thinks, but Scrubs Wiki thought it might be an homage to MASH), the “Turks” wordplay, how J.D. can apparently speak fluent Turkish, and how Elliott’s fancy new hospital is clearly just a section of the Sacred Heart all cleaned up, before they get sidetracked talking about Robert Townsend, Eddie Murphy, and Hollywood Shuffle (“It pairs nicely with jazz cabbage,” Zach tells Joelle). Joelle decides she’s going to start writing down every movie they recommend and that’s what they’ll all rewatch once they’re done with Scrubs. Add Small Wonder to the list, then, as Donald does his impression of the robot daughter Evie as a racist director (“Can you make it ‘more street’?”). 

Then Travis calls in and asks them about meeting their heroes; Donald talks about how kind Eddie Murphy always is, how scary it was to meet Bill Murray, and how Denzel Washington once pulled over in his car to say hi when he saw Donald walking down the street. Zach says meeting and working with Robert De Niro was amazing, he and his girlfriend Florence Pugh even got invited over for dinner: “That was one of the most surreal experiences of my life….the moment I was in his massage chair in his house and Florence and I are giggling like, ‘This is pretty crazy,’” he says. Plus, what scenes they would put in each other’s Oscar reels, how Travis can maintain his relationships with his friends who don’t have kids, Donald’s great interaction with Frozone at Disneyland, and much more; hear the entire hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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