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On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and their producers Joelle and Danl chat about the season five Scrubs episode “My Rite of Passage,” which Zach says is “off the rails. I don’t know what they were smoking that week.” That silliness seems to have rubbed off on the podcast, though, as they veer off into tangents about paintball videography, protein smoothies, high school auto shop, Danl’s Twitch account (and if he would be willing to twerk if Zach “made it rain” during one of his streams), and letting women know that if they bleach their mustache blonde, that’s fine, but they can still see it: “It’s not like it’s invisible now,” Zach laughs. “This is a weird episode, sorry fans.” Plus, Jillian calls in with some great questions and gets a new nickname, as well as advice on where to move next with her growing family. It’s all in a day’s work for the Fake Doctors.

There’s “an insane high dive” in this episode of Scrubs, and Zach remembers the day it was shot. This was during the days when a stunt performer would fall onto a giant airbag, and there was a lot of concern on set that the fan that kept the bag inflated would accidentally get unplugged, because of course if it did, the stunt performer would likely die. There was a utility guy named Norm who “would do sort of odd jobs” around set, and he was given the responsibility of monitoring the fan plug. Zach remembers thinking “it was so dangerous that it could all come down to, Norm decides to go get coffee and someone kicks out the fan plug. Because this guy was risking his life for a f**king Scrubs joke!” he laughs. Everyone gathered around to watch, because “it felt very old school,” Donald says. “No green screen, man,” Zach agrees. “That’s just a dude falling off a building, onto a giant pad that hopefully stays inflated.” 

It was hard to watch Turk get “hook fished” by Dr. Cox; Donald’s pretty sure that since Covid, that would never happen on a set today. Zach agrees: “First of all, don’t put your fingers in my mouth. Second of all, same as the first thing. Don’t put your fingers in my mouth.” They love everyone laughing at their superior’s jokes “to kiss ass,” even down to the dog barking at the homeless guy’s joke. “I thought it was a really clever way to show the pecking order of the hospital,” Donald says. Then it’s time to talk to Jillian about what kind of doctor they'd like to be, which somehow leads to quite a lot of jokes about genitalia. Hear the entire hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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