Sophia Bush Hated That 'One Tree Hill' Hot Tub Scene

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On Drama Queens, castmates and real-life besties Hilarie Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz rewatch One Tree Hill and recount all their experiences behind the scenes, what they think of the storylines and character motivations, how they feel about the topics the show tackles, and laugh a lot at the fashion fails. On this episode, Hilarie discusses why her character, Peyton, had three different actors cast as her father, Sophia remembers the “screaming fight” she had with producers after the hot tub scene, and Bethany reveals her secret to playing drunk. Plus stage names, bad things they did for boys, memorable kisses, and much more.

Though Sophia’s character, Brooke’s, story went to a “really vulnerable place” in this episode, “we were all cringing at the hot tub scene,” Joy says. Sophia says she ended up getting into “my first-ever screaming fight with my bosses” over that scene, and threatened to show up to her other scenes wearing a turtleneck. “And I did what I said I was gonna do!” Overall, though, she does like that Brooke is moving away from “gross one-liners” and starting to show her real character. “She keeps saying ‘I feel uncomfortable, I feel scared, I feel like I’m not enough, I feel like I’m not being chosen, I feel afraid,’” Sophia says. She also loves the scene when Brooke runs after Peyton: “Peyton is picking Brooke, she’s saying you’re my best friend, I choose you over this. It is a love story, these two!” 

Joy’s character, Haley, on the other hand, is cutting loose for the first time, and they all love that too. Hilarie asks if any of them ever got in trouble for a boy in high school. Sophia had a friend whose parents went out of town during prom weekend (“Who plans that?” Hilarie asks incredulously). Naturally, they threw a party, but unintentionally, “it turned into a rager. It was like a movie.” Sophia ended up passing out on a bed next to her boyfriend, and someone took a picture, so her parents heard about it and she got in trouble for sleeping with a boy. “Even though the whole joke, the whole reason they took the picture, was ‘they’ve been dating for three years and Sophia still won’t put out!’” she laughs. Hear more of their fun conversation on this episode of Drama Queens.

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