Zach Braff Jokes About Being Tortured By An Ice Cream Truck In NYC

Zach Braff visits The IMDb Show

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Zach Braff has taken over five pages of notes about this episode of Scrubs for his rewatch podcast with Donald Faison, Fake Doctors, Real Friends. “That’s how much I’m f**king laughing,” he tells Donald. But before they get into their favorite plot points, jokes, pratfalls and more, Zach plots against the ice cream truck that's posted up right outside his window, playing “Pop Goes the Weasel” on a loop (“I dream of cutting the wire to the music...I’m going to slit that f**king wire and then leave a crisp $100 bill,” he jokes). But almost worse than that, it makes it way too easy to get junk food delivered to his apartment (“Everything gets here in like two minutes!” he tells Donald. “My ice cream took the elevator up alone!”). But after that, it’s all Billy Dee Williams, Taye Diggs, a deck with no house, a hot gynecologist, and Sarah Chalke saying, “Do you like jazz?” 

Donald says his reaction to Billy Dee Williams was totally genuine, no acting at all, because Lando Calrissian was such a legendary character for him growing up. “I was truly screaming.” He tells Zach that he loved seeing a black face in Star Wars at all as a kid, let alone him being an amazing pilot. When he got older, he was mad that Lando was just “a two-bit hustler,” but then he came to realize that the movie actually replaces Han Solo with Lando “to show you that it could work….You could have a black action hero, somebody who does all the things the white guy does….By the end you love this guy!” But first they try to imagine their own reactions if someone were to buy a plot of land in their neighborhood and build only a deck on it. “Your neighbors do hate you,” Donald points out. “Yet they invite you for poker!” 

J.D.’s line praising Turk for looking like Taye Diggs was improvised by Zach and has become a running gag between them ever since. Zach, demonstrating the bromance fans know and love, stalwartly says that Taye has nothing on Donald. “Real talk, I think I’m handsome,” Donald says, “but Taye Diggs, Idris Elba – them dudes is handsome handsome.” Zach quickly replies, “Well, but that’s if you like really hot men,” much to Donald and their producer Joelle’s amusement. “I like my men a strong eight with a dad bod. I like you.” But, he admits jokingly, “if Idris Elba was like, ‘Jump on, we’re going for a ride,’ I’d be like…’Just once. Real quick.’” They might be Fake Doctors, but these real friends will still leave you in stitches.

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