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Scott Patterson may be best known as Luke Danes, the lovable grump he played on the hit 2000s-era dramedy Gilmore Girls, but he actually had never watched the show himself. He set out to fix that with his podcast I Am All In, where he reacts to each episode and shares anything he remembers from behind the scenes. He is fully enjoying the ride as a new viewer, and it is very entertaining to hear, not least of all because Scott is something of a lovable grump himself. In past episodes, he spent a significant amount of time complaining hilariously about how Max Medina touched Lorelai Gilmore’s elbow too much. In this episode, his standout gripe is that babies get too much credit when they’re good on-camera – it's not like they're really acting, after all. When his producer Amy suggests that the director or cinematographer should then take the credit, he exclaims, “You can’t take credit from a baby!”

But Scott and his producers also really love the show, and they dive deep, dissecting character motivations, choices in the script, dialogue, plot points and more to fully analyze the greatness that is Gilmore Girls. One producer, Danielle, is tracking every appearance of the weird clown pillow. Another producer, Riley, takes note of every single pop culture reference in each episode, and shares the real-life facts about them. And Scott and Amy shine in their breakdowns of each character. For example, Lorelai has just met an ex of Luke’s named Rachel, a stunningly beautiful and accomplished woman who people compare to supermodel Elle MacPherson. Scott says Lorelai’s certainly jealous of her, but Rachel also raises Luke’s credit: “Now she’s thinking ‘oh, Luke’s cooking with gas,’” he jokes. “‘Let’s get in a fight here, get some attention.’” 

But it’s not all about Luke and Lorelai, and their real standouts for this episode are Rory and Paris, who go to the Bangles concert together. Paris so far has been mean and judgmental, but it’s starting to become clear that there’s more going on. She finally opened up more in this episode, and all four of them loved seeing her story progress. Plus, why Luke got so mad about the sweater, Scott’s early voiceover work in the sausage industry, the vast difference between Scott’s trailer and George Clooney’s, and so much more; enjoy a great conversation about your favorite show with I Am All In.

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