The Heart (And Other Parts) Of 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

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Zach Braff and Donald Faison aren’t afraid to get a little raunchy on their podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends. So much do they dwell on hilariously graphic topics that they’ve even created a sound cue for it: Zach’s partner, Florence Pugh’s, mother saying irately, “For f**k’s sake, stop talking about your willies!” She won’t get her wish on this episode, when Zach and Donald get a chance to talk to a urologist about all their, ahem, burning questions about their nether regions. Of course they also talk about the show Scrubs, where Sarah Chalke’s character announces that her favorite sexual position is “the whirlybird.” After debating what the position must entail (“this is some Cirque du Soleil sex,” Zach concludes), the guys bring on Donald’s wife CaCee Cobb to see if she would ever attempt it. “I can already say no,” she replies. “I’m tired.”

But, just like Scrubs, the podcast isn’t just about hilarious, sometimes childish, jokes; there’s sincere heart in it, like during the “Fix Your Life” segment, when Zach and Donald ask their caller for a problem they can fix. This time, their doctor fan, Darren, tells them that he’s in residency, which is very time-consuming, but he also has a wife and two kids he doesn’t want to neglect. Any tips on how to achieve a little more work/life balance? Donald advises planning a vacation together, even if there’s no time to go in the near future. He and his family have nearly as much fun dreaming up and putting together a trip as they have taking it, and having a project together creates space for quality time. Zach has similar advice, saying that the highlight of his childhood was when his dad would surprise him with a mini-adventure. “Doesn’t have to be anything fancy,” he says; they could do anything from getting ice cream to going to the zoo, but “a surprise adventure with dad I remember being really special.” 

Between the body talk and the great parenting advice, Zach and Donald learn about a wholesome Twitch boycott, shop for a real electronic hide-and-seek game, discuss weird ads on porn websites (“‘Are you alone?’ It’s like, ‘Yes. That’s what led us to be together today,’” Zach jokes), and so much more; hear their entire hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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